• Mina Krane

Why I Started a Redbubble Shop

The other day I made a Redbubble shop on a whim. I’ve had stores before but nothing I really committed to, but I’ve always wanted to have a shop full of witch and botanical themed items. I’d looked around at eCommerce stuff as a friend of mine is having good success with her store ( and it is beautifully laid out with equally amazing products). It’s intimidating though, and I was never really sure what I’d want to sell.

I enjoy making my own digital items, and since I knew my way around Redbubble (to a certain degree anyway), I decided to start one up again under, simply, MinaKrane. I found some fonts and designs I liked and got to work in Photoshop.

My store is now up on Redbubble, and you can expect more to come. I’m going to keep a bit of a log to detail my progress, and who knows, maybe a year from now I’ll be writing about my success!

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